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The A-CAPP Center is pursuing a comprehensive portfolio of publications through its research projects and outreach activities that are aimed at providing industry and governmental partners evidence-based lessons for preventing and responding to product counterfeiting and brand protection issues.


Integration with MSU partners, other academic partners, and industry and government professionals offers unparalleled expertise. Our publications benefit from the immediate access to a cadre of internationally recognized scholars and experts and fall into two main categories.


Online articles in magazines, industry journals, news outlets.Traditional academic journal articles, scholarly reports, books, and the Center’s own Backgrounders and Paper Series.


Online articles in magazines, industry journals, and news outlets.

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A Brief Analysis of the Chinese Intellectual Property Regime

Front & Center: Calculated Choices- Why Playoff Brackets and Shopping Carts Deserve More Attention This Season

Congress’s Proposed E-Commerce Legislation for Regulation of Third-Party Sellers: Why It’s Needed and How Congress Should Make It Better

Responsibility for the Sale of Trademark Counterfeits Online: Striking a Balance in Secondary Liability While Protecting Consumers

Front & Center: Don’t Find Yourself Wrapping Fakes This Year

Amicus Brief 2nd Circuit Court Nike v. Wu

IP Rights in the Middle East: Cultural Complexities Behind Legal Enforcement

Examining Trademark Counterfeiting Legislation, Free Trade Zones, Corruption and Culture in the Context of Illicit Trade: The United States and United Arab Emirates

MarketSafe Project Partnership Report

The Role of International Cooperation on Trademark Enforcement

Request for Comments on Intellectual Property Protection for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

A-CAPP Center Product Counterfeiting Database: Insights Into Converging Crimes

The Crime of Product Counterfeiting: A Legal Analysis of the Usage of State-Level Statutes

Counterfeit Products Online

Citizens Support for Local Law Enforcement to Anti-Counterfeiting Activities

The 2017 A-CAPP Center Brand Protection Strategy Summit: Issues and Best Practices in Partnerships, Return on Investment, and E-Commerce

A Preliminary Investigation into Pharmaceutical Counterfeiters in the United States

Assessing and Building on Four Decades of Product Counterfeiting Research

Assessing the Developing Knowledge-Base of Product Counterfeiting: A Content Analysis of Four Decades of Research

Towards A More Proactive Approach to Brand Protection: Development of the Organizational Risk Assessment for Product Counterfeiting (ORAPC)