Faculty and Staff

Sara Heeg

Business Manager
(517) 432-2204

Kari Kammel

Assistant Director of Education and Outreach
(517) 353-2163
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Jay Kennedy

Assistant Professor
(517) 353-2162
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Jeff Rojek

(517) 353-2164
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Jocelyn Tucker

Communications Coordinator
(517) 353-2165

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Tyler Armstrong

2L MSU College of Law

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Emily Binienda

1L MSU College of Law

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Lucy Ching

Criminal Justice

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Jeremy Contardi

Criminal Justice

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Tori Curtis

Supply Chain Management

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Madison Gowell

Criminal Justice

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Annabell Greseth

Political Science

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Jonas Hallstein

2L MSU College of Law

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Deepu Karchalla

Criminal Justice

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Kaylee Kern

Accounting & Criminal Justice

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Mae O’Dell

Criminal Justice

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Logan Pechtel

Criminal Justice

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Elise Plancon

3L MSU College of Law

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Madison Postal

Advertising Management

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Benjamin Raab

Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy

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Chloe Reed

2L MSU College of Law

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Elizabeth Thomas

Criminal Justice

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College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Cimberly Weir

Center for Packaging Innovation and Sustainability

Eli Broad College of Business

Ahmet Kirca

Assistant Professor,  Marketing, Broad College of Business

Jade Sims

International Business Center

Dave Frayer

Assistant Dean,

Executive Development Programs

College of Communication Art and Sciences

Saleem Alhabash

Advertising and Public Relations

Anastasia Kononova

Advertising and Public Relations

College of Engineering

Vangie Alocilja

Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

College of Law

Adam Candeub

Intellectual Property, Information & Communications Law

Carrie Feeheley

Assistant Dean for Admissions

College of Social Science

Tim Homberg

School of Criminal Justice

MSU Programs

Sami Stevens

University Licensing Program

Jerry Rhead

The Hub for Innovation Learning and Technology

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Attache Program

Intellectual Property Rights Center



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    Kevin Weaver

    Senior Director, Brand Protection Technology & Innovation

Vice President

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    Alan Swayne

    Associate Vice President


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    Tara Steketee

    Director, Product Integrity in the Global Security Group
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    Charlie Olschanski

    Senior Director Investigation Services
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    Hernan Albamonte

    Head of Illicit Trade Prevention U.S.

Homeland Security Liaisons

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    Steve Francis

    Homeland Security Liaison and Director, National IPR Center, Homeland Security Investigations
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    Bill Ross

    Homeland Security Liaison and Deputy Director, National IPR Center, Homeland Security Investigations