Meet the A-CAPP Team

Meet our A-CAPP Center staff, students,
fellows, partners, advisory board and affiliated faculty.


Jeff Rojek

Director and Associate Professor

Kari Kammel

Assistant Director Education and Outreach
(517) 353-2165

Jay Kennedy

Assistant Director Research and Assistant Professor
(517) 353-2162

Sara Heeg

Business Manager
(517) 432-2204

Jocelyn Tucker

Communications Coordinator
(517) 353-2165

Responsibility for the Sale of Trademark Counterfeits Online: Striking a Balance in Secondary Liability While Protecting Consumers

Congress’s Proposed E-Commerce Legislation for Regulation of Third-Party Sellers: Why It’s Needed and How Congress Should Make It Better

Shopping Safe and Smart Online: A Chat With MSU Experts on Fake Products

How Congress Proposes to Protect Consumers From Online Counterfeits: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Responsibility for the Sale of Trademark Counterfeits Online: Striking a Balance in Secondary Liability While Protecting Consumers

Monthly Forbes Contributor


Tyler Armstrong

A-CAPP Student Researcher
and 2020-2021 Matthew R.
Maher Scholar

2L Intellectual Property,
MSU College of Law

Paige Barnes

A-CAPP Student Intern

Junior, International Relations
and Criminal Justice

Sharon Bahng

A-CAPP Student Researcher

3L MSU College of Law

Lucy Ching

A-CAPP Student Researcher
and 2020-2021 Matthew R.
Maher Scholar

Senior, Criminal Justice

Jeremy Contardi

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Senior, Criminal Justice

Tori Curtis

A-CAPP Student Researcher
and 2020-2021 Matthew R.
Maher Scholar

Junior, Supply Chain

Kyana Donaldson

A-CAPP Social Media/
Communications Intern

Senior, Journalism

Alexandra Gormely

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Senior, Criminal Justice

Annabelle Greseth

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Senior, Political Science and Health
and Education

Deepu Karchalla

A-CAPP Student Intern

Junior, Criminal Justice

Rachel Laurita

A-CAPP Student Intern

Senior, Criminal Justice

Connor Mitchell

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Junior, Packaging

Liz Morrison

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Sophomore, Applied Engineering Sciences

Maria del Mar Osma Potes

A-CAPP Student Researcher

1L, MSU College of Law

Hermanth Musunur

Graduate Curriculum Assistant

First Year Business Analytics Masters

Ben Raab

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Senior, Political Theory and
Constitutional Democracy and History

Elizabeth Thomas

A-CAPP Student Researcher

Senior, Criminal Justice


Leah Evert-Burks

Industry Fellow and BPP Editor in Chief

Michael LeMieux

Law Enforcement Fellow

Bruce Foucart

Law Enforcement Fellow


MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Matthew Daum

Director, School of Packaging, Professor

Cimberly Weir

Specialist, Outreach Coordinator,
Instructor, Center for Packaging Innovation
and Sustainability

MSU Eli Broad College of Business

David Frayer

Assistant Dean of Executive
Development Programs

Stan Griffis

Bowersox-Thull Professorship,
Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Ahmet Kirca

Director of International Business Center,
Associate Professor, Marketing

Simone Peinkofer

Assistant Professor, Supply Chain

Jade Sims

Trade Specialist in International
Business Center

Sri Talluri

Hoagland-Metzler Endowed
Purchasing and
Supply Chain Management

Vedat Verter

Chairperson, Supply Chain Management
John H. McConnel Chair, Business

MSU College of Communication Art and Sciences

Saleem Alhabash

Associate Professor, Advertising
and Public Relations

Pat Huddleston

Professor, Advertising and Public Relations

Anastasia Kononova

Assistant Professor, Advertising
and Public Relations

MSU College of Social Science

Tim Homberg

Career Development Coordinator,
School of Criminal Justice

MSU College of Engineering

Vangie Alocilja

Professor, Department of Biosystems
and Agricultural Engineering

Nano-Biosensors Lab

MSU College of Law

Adam Candeub

Director of Intellectual Property,
Information, and Communications Program

Jennifer Carter-Johnson

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Dan Barnhizer

Associate Dean for Graduate and
International Programs
The Bradford

Stone Faculty Scholar

Carrie Feeheley

Assistant Dean of Admissions
and International Programs

MSU Programs

Jerry Rhead

Head of Academic Entrepreneurship,
The Hub for Innovation Learning
and Technology

Sami Stevens

Director University Licensing Program

Other Academic Institutions

John Hertig

Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy
and Health Sciences
Butler University

Tim Mackey

Associate Adjunct Professor, Global Health
Program, School of Health Sciences
University of California San Diego

Government Organizations

National IPR Center

U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office
Attache Program



Kevin Weaver

Senior Director Brand Protection Technology and Innovation


Tara Steketee

Director Product Integrity Global Security Group

Charles Olschanski

Senior Director Investigation Services

Hernan Albamonte

Head of Illicit Trade Prevention

Carolina Giuga

Director of Government Affairs, Americas

Melissa Silverstein

Assistant General Counsel


Steve Francis

Director of National IPR Center, Homeland Security Investigations

Bill Ross

Deputy Director of National IPR Center, Homeland Security Investigations


A-CAPP Affiliated Faculty partner with the Center on research, education and outreach activities that involve our industry, law enforcement and government partners, including: 

  • Engaging in research projects that involve A-CAPP Center partners, including global corporations, federal and local law enforcement agencies, and industry associations 
  • Participating in A-CAPP Center outreach activities including A-CAPP Center events and events hosted by our partners, and serving as invited speakers / subject matter experts 
  • Helping to build executive education programs that translate empirical research into courses, trainings and published materials that affect the practice of brand protection
  • Mentoring A-CAPP student interns through collaborative research projects and other meaningful engagements 

Meet our Affiliated Faculty

Stanley Griffis

Michigan State University

Dr. Stanley E.  Griffis is Bowersox-Thull Endowed Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management in the Broad College Department of Supply Chain Management at Michigan State University.   Prior to joining Michigan State he taught at the Air Force Institute of Technology in Dayton, Ohio.  His primary teaching interests include logistics and supply chain management.  Dr. Griffis received his Ph.D. in Business Administration from The Ohio State University with a major in Logistics and a minor in Information Systems Management.   He also holds a Master of Science in Logistics Management from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and a Master of Arts in Logistics from The Ohio State University.   Prior to joining academia he worked on numerous logistics system design programs for the U.S. Air Force.

Dr. Griffis’s research focuses on a variety of issues including how consumers truly value the set of logistics and supply chain services companies strive to differentiate upon (returns, assortment, speed, customer satisfaction).  Additionally, he researches vehicle routing through real supply chain networks, seeking to account for the variability in traffic, stop lengths, and goods/services delivered/picked up in ways that classic vehicle routing techniques ignore.  Lastly, Dr. Griffis works in the area of illicit supply chain networks where goods (e.g. counterfeit or illegal) co-mingle with legitimate supply chains, creating challenges for legitimate business operations.

Dr. Griffis has published work in Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Production Research, Transportation Journal, European Journal of Operations Research, Journal of Management, International Journal of Management Science (Omega), International Journal of Production Economics, Journal of Transportation Management, Supply Chain Management Review and the Journal of Transportation Management.  Dr. Griffis has won best paper awards in logistics and supply chain journals and is a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant awardee (2019).   He is an active speaker at professional and academic meetings and has published in various conference proceedings.   Dr. Griffis is a member of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals and a former member of its national Board of Directors and is on the Executive Board for Western Decision Sciences. 

John Hertig

Butler University

John B. Hertig, PharmD, MS, CPPS, FASHP is Vice-Chair and an Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice in the Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Dr. Hertig has lectured and published on a variety of leadership, administration, patient safety, and health policy topics, and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety.  His research program is designed around enhancing the safety of the medication use process, while using evidence to inform advocacy efforts. He holds various national and international appointments, including with the International Pharmaceutical Federation, where he is Vice President of the Americas for the Hospital Pharmacy Section, and as President of the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies – Global (ASOP), where he leads efforts to reduce the patient safety impact of illegal and counterfeit online drug distribution worldwide.  He was awarded the ASOP Global Patient Safety Champion Award in 2018.  Dr. Hertig received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from Purdue University. He completed a PGY1 pharmacy practice and PGY2 health-system pharmacy administration residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center while also obtaining a Masters degree in Health-System Pharmacy Administration from The Ohio State University. 

Ahmet Kirca

Michigan State University

Dr. Ahmet H. Kirca is an Associate Professor of International Business and Marketing at the Department of Marketing, Broad College of Business. He received his Ph.D. degree in International Business from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Prior to joining MSU in 2006, he worked at George Washington University in Washington, DC. Professor Kirca serves as the Director of International Business Center and MSU-CIBER. Also, he is the Director of the Doctoral Program in the Department of Marketing. His research focuses on international business and marketing strategy with a special emphasis on firm internationalization, innovation, organizational culture and applied meta-analysis. He has published articles in major academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Management, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Journal of World Business, among others. Kirca teaches international business/marketing, marketing research and marketing strategy in undergraduate, MBA and Ph.D. level courses. He also offers workshops and seminars on applied meta-analytic techniques. Kirca had extensive industry experience in textile and tourism industries in Turkey before joining the academia. A native of Turkey, Kirca fluently speaks English, French, and Italian languages. He also has working knowledge of Spanish and Japanese.

Tim Mackey

University of California, San Diego

Tim Ken Mackey is an Associate Professor at the University of California, San Diego, the Director of Healthcare Research and Policy at UC San Diego – Extension, and is the Director of the Global Health Policy Institute ( He is also the CEO and co-Founder of the NIH-funded healthcare technology startup S-3 Research LLC.  He holds a BA in Political Science-International Relations, a Masters Degree in Health Policy & Law and also earned his PhD in Global Public Health from the joint doctoral program at UC San Diego – San Diego State University.  Prof. Mackey’s work has been featured in high-impact journals such as Science, JAMA, Nature Biotechnology, the Lancet, Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, Clinical Microbiology Reviews, and BMC Medicine. His research and expertise has also been featured in major news outlets such as CNN, Wired, NPR, and the Wall Street Journal.  His work focuses on an array of multidisciplinary topics in global health, public policy, international relations, and technology and innovation. He also has extensive professional experience including over 10 years experience in the private sector and acting as a consultant for the World Health Organization, the US Department of State and others.  His work in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection focuses on using big data, machine learning, and data visualization to detect, characterize, and report illegal online sale and trafficking of health products and other commodities.