Anti-Counterfeiting/Brand Protection Global Organizations


A resource listing global organizations combating counterfeiting and protecting brands.

last updated 03/03/2021

NameTypeDescriptionsGeographic FocusMembership Details/Information
ABAC/BAAN (Association Belge Anti-Countrefacon/ Belgische Associatie Anti-Namaak)
International Association (Belgium and Luxembourg)Defends the rights of intellectual property right holdersEurope Fee-based membership - Being a member helps the fights against counterfeiting and is more cost efficient. The authorities have less interlocutors. As representatives of several right holders the association has more weight in the framework of petitions to public prosecutors, the police, the customs administration, the economic inspection as well as service providers.
ACA (Anti-Counterfeit Authority)
NGO (Kenya)Combats counterfeiting and prohibit trade in counterfeit goods through training, research, consumer awareness and co-ordination with national, regional and international organizations in the effective enforcement of intellectual property rights.KenyaMembership is only offered to people in government, private sector and deployment partners.
ACC/Nigeria (Anti Counterfeiting Collaboration)
NGO (Nigeria)Brings brand owners, enforcement agencies and interested parties together, to form an effective ‘opposition party’ against counterfeiters, infringers and pirates in Nigeria.NigeriaContact for info
ACCC (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission)
NGO (Australia)Promotes competition and fair trade in markets to benefit consumers, businesses, and the community. They also regulate national infrastructure services.AustraliaContact for info
ACEF (Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation)
Non-profit (United States)Assists law enforcement resources protect the integrity of US coins by educating officials on the economic impact and growing threat of counterfeit coin circulation. United StatesContact for info
ACG (Anti-Counterfeiting Group)
International AssociationActs as an international voice of business, shaping an effective response to counterfeiting.Global United Kingdom Fee-based membership - Includes various different types of memberships to accomodate different organizations, retailers, and individuals. These memberships include: Full, Associate, Brand Protection Group, and Correspondent.
AGMA (Alliance for Gray Market and Counterfeit Abatement)
International AssociationFocuses on industry, public education, sharing and developing best practices to effectively hinder threats to intellectual property and render these activities more difficult. Presents members and the industry with strategic ideas for addressing kep IP protection issues and to introduce better controls or processes in mitigating threats to IP.GlobalFee-based membership - Membership provides an avenue for fostering and encouraging collaboration amongst brand owners looking to protect their assets and aboid damage to their reputations. The benefits of becoming a member include: unlimited attendance at AGMA's eight quarterly conferences, participation in and access to the work product of AGMA sponsored committees, introduction to leading edge solution providers, and interaction with industry professionals. Memberships include: Class I - Manufacturer, Class II - Associate, Class III - Product or Service Provider, Class IV - Government and Law Enforcement.
AIM - European Brands Association (Association des Industries de Marque)
International AssociationRepresents manufacturers of branded consumer goods in Europe on key issues which affect their ability to design, distribute, and market their brands. EuropeContact for info
AIPLA (American Intellectual Property Law Association)
Association (United States)Supports intellectual property professionals and advances an effective and balanced intellectual property system through advocacy, education, training, and community outreach.United StatesFee-based membership - Wide variety of memberships, including: Regular, Solo Practitioner, Junior, Associate, Government, Academic, Life, International Affiliate, Professional Affiliate, Government Affiliate, Law Student Affiliate, Judicial, and Paralegal. Benefits include: Networking, Advocacy, Publications, Education and Professional Development.
AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property)
International AssociationDedicated to the development and improvement of laws for the protection of intellectual property. Switzerland GlobalFee-based membership - Members are able to work with professionals in the industry and attend global conferences to learn more about IP protection and laws regarding IP.
ANDEMA (Asociacion Nacional para la Defensa de la Marca)
International AssociationDefending the interests of all brand and trademark owners, collaborating with many other institutions to constantly improve the legislative and practical framework for brands and trademarks in Spain, increasing awareness in the wider community of the value of brands for the economy, employment, innovation, trade, as well as for consumer health and safety.Spain
Fee-based membership - Members can particpate and vote in General Assembly sessions, be part of the Working Groups, and have access to the information of the International Forums and Associations of which ANDEMA is a part of.
APM (Aktionskreis Gegen Produkt)
NGO (Germany)Fosters the exchange of experiences among companies and between the private sector and politics, lobbies for a legal framework, sensitizes the importance of intellectual property and the necessary protection of intellectual property against product- and trademark piracy.GermanyContact for info
ASIP (Arab Society for Intellectual Property)
IGO/RGO (Arab World)Establishing a specialized Arabian professional body concerned with organizing those working in the intellectual property field at the Arabian level and presenting technical assistance to the Arabian countries in the various fields related to intellectual property.Arabian CountriesFee-based membership - Members receive a variety of benefits, including: international recognition, support and ethical protection, research and studies, association with governmental parties, and cooperation with other socieities and institutions.
BPG (Brand Owner's Protection Group)
International AssociationSeek the enforcement of intellectual property laws, copyright, patent, and trademark protection, and licensing laws in order to protect consumers from counterfeits and all other forms of illicit trade.The Gulf RegionFee-based membership - You can join BPG as a brand owner (two levels: Voting and Non-Voting), a local agent, Industry Association, or as a service provider.
BPG (Brand Protection Group)
Association (Lebanon)Raises awareness in the government as well as in the general public about counterfeit activities in Lebanon and the Levant and effectively address the issue. They also try and protect consumers from the hazards of counterfeit products and defend the integrity of members' brands by working to eliminate illicit trade from the markets.LebanonFee-based membership - Members should be an establishment, company, or branch of a company that is incorporated to Lebanon. Members also are required to participate in the activities of BPG, as well as abide by all the duly taken resolutions of the BPG.
BSA (The Software Alliance)
International AssociationThe leading advocate for the global software industry before governments and in the international marketplace. Their goals are to create software solutions that spark the economy and improve modern life.GlobalFee-based membership - There are different types of memberships, including: Global, Regional, and Country. Members receive access to programs that drive sales revenue to members thorugh their respected license compliance and enforcement programs.
CACN (Canadian Anti-Counterfeiting Network)
International Association (Canada)Coalition of individuals, businesses and associations that have united in the fight against product counterfeiting, fraud and copyright piracy in Canada and abroad.Canada
Fee-based membership - Members' benefits include: strenthening company's brand reputation, invitation to CACN's Training & Education Committee and Legislative Committee, and draws public awareness to issues that may be prevalent in members' respective industries through affiliation with media, government, and law enforcement.
CII (Confederation of Indian Industry)
NGO (India)Works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government, and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.India
Fee-based membership - Different types of members, including: Members, Associates, Affiliated Assocations, Institutional Members. Membership advantages include: Networking, Enhancing Competitiveness of Indian Companies, Social Sector Activities, Information Dissemination, and more.
CIPIC (Customs Intellectual Property Information Center)
Government (Japan)Pursue effective and appropriate border measures through studies on border enforcement measures; collection, analysis and dissemination of IPR-related information; arranging educational programs for Customs officers; and providing support services to right holders.JapanContact for info
CIPR (Coalition for Intellectual Property Rights)

International AssociationThrough public education, legislative action and legal reform, CIPR works with the U.S. and regional governments as well as private sector partners to establish transparent IPR regimes that adhere to international standards.GlobalContact for info
Comite Colbert
International AssociationWrites and implements collective policies that complement individual strategies deployed by members. 5 ContinentsContact for info
DACG (Danish Anti Counterfeiting Group)
Association (Denmark)Due to Counterfeiting destroying jobs in Europe and elsewhere, their goal is to help fight product piracy, a growing and serious type of crime.DenmarkContact for info
EAASM (European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines)
International Association (Europe)Objective is to fight against counterfeit medicines and help in the promoting of patient safety around Europe.EuropeContact for info
ECTA (European Communities Trade Mark Association)
International Association (Europe)Provides an ideal forum for knowledge exchange and sharing and is an accredited professional association in many countries for trade mark attorneys, lawyers (whether in private practice or industry) and academics who wish to maintain and expand their knowledge in the fields of intellectual property.Europe
Fee-based membership - Different types of memberships, including: Ordinary, Associate, Affiliate, Retired, Corporate, Member in Education.
ESIA (European SemiConductor Industry Association)
International Association (Europe)Represent and promote the common interests of the Europe-based semiconductor industry towards the European Institutions and stakeholders in order to ensure a sustainable business environment and foster its global competitiveness.EuropeContact for info
EUIPN (European Union Intellectual Property Network)
IGO (Europe/Global)Connects national and regional intellectual property offices, user associations and other IP organisations, which work together to achieve a true trade mark and design system in Europe.Europe
Contact for info
EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)
RGO (Europe)Provides evidence-based contributions and data to enable EU policymakers to shape effective IP enforcement policies. Provide data, tools and databases to support the fight against IP infringement. Develop initiatives to help innovators, creators and businesses protect their IP rights.EuropeContact for info
FACG (Finnish Anti Counterfeiting Group)
Association (Finland)Promotes a better understanding of the importance of anti-counterfeiting work in Finland and works for an effective enforcement of the anti-counterfeiting laws.FinlandFee-based membership - Different memberships available, including: Individual, Corporate, and Supporting.
FESI (Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry)
RGO (Europe)Engages with all European political institutions and other European authorities and bodies that are impacting the Sporting Goods industry.EuropeFee-based membership - Different memberships available, including: Regular, Associated, and Project. Regular members are federations and companies. Associated members can be federations, companies, and service providers.
FICCI (Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry)
International Association (India)Objectives include: generating awareness on the hazardous impact of smuggled, contraband and counterfeit products amongst consumers and citizens; Capacity building of law enforcement agencies including Judges, Police and Customs Officers; Sharing the best practices followed globally for combating contraband, smuggled and counterfeit product.India
Fee-based membership - Different memberships available, including: Corporate, Associate, and Chambers/Associations. Members obtain access to networks and partnerships with corporate majors and institutions across the globe.
GACG (Global Anti-Counterfeiting Network)
International AssociationIt links a wide number of national and regional anti-counterfeiting organisations whose common objective is to exchange and share information, to particpate in appropriate joint activities and to cooperate in the resolution of specific IP problems and challenges in their respective national or regional areas.GlobalContact for info
GIPC (Global Innovation Policy Center)
International Association-Raise awareness and increase support among key audiences for the value of strong IP rights as a driver of innovation and creativity.
-Promote and defend robust and effective IP rights and norms in the United States, key countries, and multilateral fora.
-Strengthen the protection and enforcement of IP in the United States and abroad, especially regarding Internet-based IP theft.
GlobalContact for info
GBP (Global Brands Protection)
International AssociationDedicated to understanding and meeting today’s challenging cyber security threats faced by the commercial world.Global
(started in US and Europe)
Contact for info
HKIPS (Hong Kong Intellectual Property)
Government Organization (Hong Kong)Principle objective of promoting the awareness of intellectual property rights of the individual and a respect for the rights of others.Hong KongContact for info
IACC (International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition)
International AssociationObjective is to combat counterfeiting and piracy by promoting laws, regulations, directives, and relationships designed to render the theft of intellectual property undesirable and unprofitable.GlobalFee-based membership - Has a wide variety of memberships, including: Investigators, IP Owners, Law Firms, Product and Online Marketplace Security Companies, Trade Associations, and Government Officials. Members will benefit from global communities, high level programs and events, access to influencers, leadership, and partnerships.
IIPLA (International Intellectual Property Law Associaition)
International AssocationProvides networking, learning and economic opportunities to every member of the global IP community. Organize offline and online international events which focus on intellectual property education and cooperation among members of the intellectual property community.GlobalOffer both no-cost memberships (Basic membership) and fee-based memberships (Premium and On Demand Access). Members will have access to thousands of other members, be able to sell their services on IIPLA, and have access to the IIPLA magazine.
INDICAM (Instituto di Centromarca per la lotta alla contraffazione)
International Association (Italy and international)Represents nearly 180 companies, industry associations, law and IP firms, security consultants and other organisations daily engaged against counterfeiting activities that hit branded products.Italy
Different types of membership, including: Companies, Associations, Technologies, Professional Consulting and Law Firms, and Private Investigative Services.
INTA (International Trademark Association)
International AssociationThrough the organization’s Anticounterfeiting Committee (ACC) and partnerships with governments and committed associations, INTA emphasizes the importance of strong anticounterfeiting measures and increased awareness of the harms of counterfeiting.GlobalFee-based membership - Different types of membership, including: Corporate, Associate, Government, and Academic. Becoming a member will allow access to many resources, such as: INTA Practice Guides, Fact Sheets, Job Bank, and the Quick Start Trademark Chart. Members also receive exclusive industry insights.
IPOA (Intellectual Property Owners Association)
AssociationAdvocates for IP ownership rights, supporting legislation related to member interests, analyzing current issues, and disseminating information to the general public.United StatesFee-based membership - Different types of memberships, including: Corporate, Law Firm, Small Business, and Service Provider. IPO advocates on behalf of its members for effective and affordable IP rights. Members also receive networking, professional, and business development opportunities along with continuing legal education and other educational resources.
JIPA (Japan Intellectual Property Association)
NGORepresents industries and users of the IP system, and provides related institutions all around the world with well-timed, suitable opinions on improvement of their IP systems and their utilization. JapanFee-based membership - Two types of memberships, Regualr and Associate. JIPA provides more than 150 training courses for their members in topics regarding IP. The courses provided include instructors and IP personnel from their member companies, layers, patent attorneys, and professors.
MARQUES (Association of European Trade Mark Owners)
International Association (Europe)Educates and promotes the professional development of brand owners in the selection, management, protection and exploitation of their Trade Marks within a global economyUnited Kingdom and EuropeMembers receive a unique service which recognises and responds to the whole range or problems facing the modern trademark owner.
MPA (Motion Picture Association)
International AssociationProtects the film industry around the world, voice and advocate of the motion picture and television industry around the world.GlobalMembers receive protection provided by MPA to drive the creative economy.
MPA - America Latina
International AssocationProtects the film industry around the world, voice and advocate of the motion picture and television industry in Latin America.Latin AmericaMembers receive protection provided by MPA to drive the creative economy.
MPA - Asia Pacific
International AssocationProtects the film industry around the world, voice and advocate of the motion picture and television industry in the Asian Pacific.Asian PacificMembers receive protection provided by MPA to drive the creative economy.
MPA - Canada
International AssociationServes as the voice and advocate of the major international producers and distributors of movies, home entertainment and television programming in CanadaCanadaMembers receive protection provided by MPA to drive the creative economy.
MPA - Europe, Middle East, and Africa
International AssocationProtect the film industry around the world, voice and advocate of the motion picture and television industry around the worldEurope
Middle East
Members receive protection provided by MPA to drive the creative economy.
NACG (Norwegian Anti Counterfeiting Group)
NGO (Norway)They represent NGOs, trade associations, companies and private individuals in industry, trade and service industries. NorwayContact for info
PRA (Property Rights Alliance)
NGO (US)Advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally.Domestic
Contact for info
QBPC (Quality Brands Protection Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment)
International AssociationGoal is to help China with their intellectual property legal framework and enforcement. Establish a business based on commercial rule of law.China USFee-based membership - Different types of memberships, including: General, Voting, Observer. To become a member there are several requirements: shall be enterprises with foreign investment or business operation in mainland China, shall be enterprises that have products manufactured or distributed or services provided in mainland China, shall acknowledge QBPC's mission and objectives
React: The Anti-Counterfeiting Network
International AssociationFight counterfeit trade. React has a large international network with strategically placed offices and partners around the world to efficiently fight the global trade in counterfeit goods.Europe and GlobalFee-based membership - Members can view all cases that they carry on your behalf, can view their customs applications, are invited to and can subscribe to React seminars, events, and ,arket surveys.
SACG (Swedish Anti Counterfeiting Group)
NGO (Sweden)Works to prevent piracy and trade in counterfeit products .(The entire website is in Swedish)SwedenContact for info
UAACP (Ukraine Alliance Against Counterfeiting and Piracy)
NGO (Ukraine)Collaborates with the GACG to increase the effectivness of intellectual property rights holders in the campaign against the trade in fakes in the Ukraine and in international commerce with Ukraine.UkraineAny company IPR holder that shares UAACP objectives and is willing to join the campaign against counterfeiting and priacy is welcome to join the alliance.
Union des Fabricants
International Association (France)Association of defense and promotion of intellectual property rights, includes 200 companies stemming from all business sectors.France and GlobalContact for info
USITO (U.S. Information Technology Office)
International Association (US and China)Provides new insights and approaches to the many complex challenges facing the IT industry in China.China USFee-based membership - USITO wlecomes all US companies engaged in the ICT industry (telecommunications, semiconductor, computing, software, electronics or information and digital media industries). Benefits include Working Group participation, Policy Call participation, Industry-government dialogue participation, Policy Briefing Event participation, and Preferential Member Rates.
WCO (World Customs Organization)
IGOProvides leadership, guidance and support to customs administrations to secure and facilitate legitimate trade, realize revenues, protect society and build capacity.GlobalContact for info
WFSGI (World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry)
International AssociationSupports and promotes the sporting goods industry on a global level by providing the platform where our members forge the tools of their cooperation to promote fair trade. They also act as the voice of the sporting goods industry toward organizations and federations, governmental and intergovernmental bodies at international level.GlobalFee-based membership - Different types of memberships, including: Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers, Federations and Associations. Key advantages of becoming a member are: connecting to industry leaders, engaging & influencing to serve your needs, and being kept informed about the latest industry trends and news.
WHO (World Health Organization)
IGOWork on issues such as counterfeiting pharmaceuticals. The WCO is an active member of the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT) project coordinated by the WHO.GlobalContact for info
WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization)
IGOLeads the development of a balanced and effective international intellectual property (IP) system that enables innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. GlobalContact for info
WTO (World Trade Organization)
IGOAdministering WTO trade agreements, forum for trade negotiations, handling trade disputes, monitoring national trade policies, technical assistance and training for developing countries, cooperation with other international organizations.GlobalFee-based membership - Memberships are Member and Observer. Any state or customs territory having full autonomy in the conduct of its trade policies may become a member (“accede to”) the WTO, but all WTO members must agree on the terms. This is done through the establishment of a working party of WTO members and through a process of negotiations.


An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common

International Association

An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; whose interests and activities reach multiple countries/continents

Government Association (Country)

An administrative unit of government

Intergovernmental Organization (IGO)

An organized body of people who work within a single or multiple government towards a common goal

Non-government Organization (NGO)

An organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business.


A corporation or an association that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive.An organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business.


An organization for higher (tertiary, postsecondary) education that have a common purpose and mission for advocacy in numerous areas of both institutional management and the general public interest.