A Brand’s New World: Virtual Conference Series

A Brand’s New World is a special, no-cost, online conference series on brand protection issues post-pandemic, looking into the future.

Hosted by the A-CAPP Center, the conference series offers opportunities for attendees to share and learn from Center experts, as well as their expert partners in industry, academia, law enforcement, and government. 

Learn more about each below.

Part 1: July 2020

Our July 2020 series was held July 20-22 and included discussions among brand protection and anti-counterfeiting practitioners and researchers around issues in brand protection post-pandemic, looking into the future. A-CAPP Center Student Summer 2020 Interns were also highlighted over the three-day period.


July 2020 Recordings Now Available!

Missed our July sessions or want to earn possible continuing education credits? Our July 2020 recordings are now available for purchase for $35 per recording.



  • E-Commerce and Counterfeits: Evolving Consumer Behavior
    Panel: Kari Kammel (moderator), Charlie Olschanski, Pat Huddleston, Anastasia Kononova, Staci DeRegnaucourt
  • COVID-19 and Counterfeits: Impact on Industry and The Way Forward
    Panel: Jay Kennedy (moderator), Mark Schildkraut, Mike Gannon, Lori Mayall, Lisa Smiley
  • Evolution of Criminal Behavior by Counterfeiters in E-Commerce
    Panel: Jay Kennedy (moderator), Brian Fogarty, Cristina Posa, Hernan Albamonte, Ben Mok

Student Highlight

  • Madison Gowell, Senior, Criminal Justice
  • Lucy Ching, Senior, Criminal Justice
  • Tyler Armstrong, 3L, College of Law
  • Elizabeth Thomas, Senior, Criminal Justice



  • Anti-Counterfeiting and E-Commerce Proposed Legislation: The Way Forward
    Panel: Leah Evert-Burks (moderator), Carolina Giuga, Kasie Brill, Andrew Love
  • Federal Agencies Responses to Counterfeits and COVID-19
    Panel: Jeff Rojek (moderator), Christopher Merriam, Bill Ross, Goli Gharib
  • Online Counterfeits: The Pharma Experience
    Panel: Saleem Alhabash (moderator), John Hertig, Tim Mackey, John Zacharia, Tara Steketee

Student Highlight

  • Ben Raab, Senior, Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy
  • Chloe Reed, 2L, College of Law
  • Jeremy Contardi, Junior, Criminal Justice
  • Jonas Hallstein, 2L, College of Law
  • Elise Plancon, 3L, College of Law



  • Counterfeits on the Dark Web
    Panel: Jeff Rojek (moderator), Tom Holt, Dan Levy, Anne Keough, Kevin Chow
  • A Disrupted Supply Chain: How Does This Impact Brand Protection in the Next Year?
    Panel: Jay Kennedy (moderator), Bill Mansfield, Stan Griffis, Josh Hopping
  • SME’s and Brand Protection in a Time of Crisis
    Panel: Jade Sims (moderator), Jay Kennedy, Eric Mistrovich

Student Highlight

  • Deepu Karchalla, Junior, Criminal Justice
  • Annabelle Greseth, Senior, Political Science
  • Tori Curtis, Junior, Supply Chain Management
  • Emily Binienda, 1L, College of Law


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Part 2: December 2020

Our December 2020 series will be held December 7-9 and will include executive education sessions on December 10. The conference will build off of our July conference with discussions among brand protection and anti-counterfeiting practitioners and researchers around issues in brand protection looking into the future. A-CAPP Center Student Fall 2020 Interns will also be highlighted over the three day period.

Want to get involved?

We are actively searching for experienced brand protection practitioners to be panelists as well as organizations to sponsor our conference. Please contact Kari Kammel below if you are interested in either of these opportunities and view our sponsorship opportunities below.


December 7

December 8

December 9