A Brand’s New World, Latin America
Conference Session & Speakers

Tuesday, June 15

Working with Local Authorities to Address Counterfeiting: Strategies for Brands

Tuesday, June 15 @ 10A.M. EST

Working with local authorities is paramount for brands in addressing counterfeiting. This panel will explore strategies and best practices on the ground for brands when reaching out, building relationships, and working with local authorities in Latin America.

Carolina Gonzalez


Andres Diaz

CropLife Latin America

Arturo Ishbak Gonzalez

The LEGO Group

Jeff Schmidt

National IPR Center

Oliver Zopo


Free Trade Zones and Brand Protection: Best Practices

Tuesday, June 15 @ 1P.M. EST

Free trade zones (FTZ) attract and promote commerce by allowing that companies to import, manufacture, and sell without assuming heavy custom duties. As these zones attracts commerce, they also attract counterfeits. The proliferation of FTZs in order to facilitate trade around the world creates a constant stream of challenges to brand protection strategies. This panel will explore FTZs and how brands can develop effective solutions to these challenges and ultimately create more adaptive and collaborative interventions. Panelists will share their experiences with brand protection activities across Latin America.

Kari Kammel

A-CAPP Center

Hernan Albamonte

Philip Morris International

Samir Hamrouni

World Free Trade Zones Organization

Fanta Punch

M. Hamel-Smith & Co.

Diego Farreras


Wednesday, June 16

E-Commerce and Counterfeits: Transnational Cooperation

Wednesday, June 16 @ 10 A.M. EST

The challenges of dealing with counterfeits on e-commerce platforms in Latin America and the bad actors that are engaging in this behavior continues to emerge. This panel includes brand and platform insight on initiatives or proactive activities e-commerce platforms are taking to help stem the sale of counterfeit goods.

Jay Kennedy

A-CAPP Center

Juan Cichero

Mercado Libre

Emilio Daireaux

Under Armour

Fernando Casares


Overlap of Counterfeiting and Links to Organized Crime

Wednesday, June 16 @ 1 P.M. EST

Buying counterfeit products harm companies and the community in general, and the revenue acquired for these products can end up financing criminal activities like drug cartels and organized crime in Latin American and globally. This panel will explore the connections between counterfeiting and organized crime and best practices.

Maria Osma Potes

A-CAPP Center Fellow

Juan Carlos Buitrago Arias


Carlos Augusto Chacon Monsalve

ICP Policy Lab

Sergio Piris

Argentine Civil Anti-Piracy Association

Thursday, June 17

Custom Seizures of Counterfeit Goods: Follow Up, Destruction of Goods

Thursday, June 17 @ 10 A.M. EST

This panel will explore the role of customs in the seizure and destruction of counterfeit and illicit goods. The panelists will share their experience with best practices in various countries in Latin America, as well as strategies around destruction of goods.

Jeff Rojek

A-CAPP Center, MSU

Regina Zamith

Johnson & Johnson

Cesar Cabrera

IPR Center

Charlie Olschanksi

Tiffany & Co.

Virginia Cervieri

Cervieri Monsuarez

Impact of COVID-19 on Brand Protection and IP Enforcement in Latin America

Thursday, June 17 @ 1 P.M. EST

This panel will explore best practices and strategies for brand protection teams in Latin America and in a global context. Within teams, panelists will examine both strategies for internal and external teams.

Bruce Foucart

A-CAPP Center Fellow

Julie Mejia

Proctor & Gamble

Christopher Macolini

MIC Worldwide

Breno Araujo