Press Release: MSU Announces New Leadership for its Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection

July 19, 2022

EAST LANSING, MI — Michigan State University announced Kari Kammel as the new Director for the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP Center) effective July 1, 2022.

Kammel served as Assistant Director of the A-CAPP Center for the past seven years and is a recognized expert on intellectual property law and trademark counterfeiting. She testified twice before Congress in 2021, both times in front of the respective House and the Senate Judiciary Committees on trademark counterfeiting issues. Among other duties, she oversees the Center’s Brand Protection Professional Certificate program, facilitates the Center’s events, and leads the successful student internship program. During her tenure, she has also maintained an active research agenda and publishes regularly in law journals on issues related to brand protection.  

Prior to coming to the A-CAPP Center, Kammel focused on rule of law and international human rights law, specifically in the Middle East where she was Deputy Chief of Party for Country Operations in Iraq for the International Human Rights Law Institute. She has spent her career in various capacities for universities working to implement research, education and outreach.

“Kari’s exemplary leadership and unparalleled expertise on these critical issues reflects her dedication to strengthening global commerce and keeping consumers safe,” said Hernan Albamonte, Head of Illicit Trade Prevention at Philip Morris International and the President of the A-CAPP Center Industry Advisory Board. “As the Director of the A-CAPP Center, Kari will further build upon her extensive record as an inspiration to her students and a force for good in the realm of global security.”

“So grateful to have Kari’s leadership and direction for the A-CAPP Center,” said Tara Steketee, Director of Product Integrity at Merck and a member of the A-CAPP Center Industry Advisory Board. “Kari’s keen outreach abilities, coupled with her deep understanding of the challenges inherent in anti-counterfeit work, are unparalleled. It’s tremendous for our industry.”

Kammel will be taking over for Jeff Rojek, who has led the center for the past three-and-a-half years.

About the A-CAPP Center at Michigan State University

The A-CAPP Center is an independent, interdisciplinary evidence-based hub whose activities focus on research, education and outreach designed to assist in protecting brands and products of all industries worldwide. Learn more at The A-CAPP Center works with the entire brand protection community, including brands, law enforcement, technology and service providers, and e-commerce providers on our activities. The Brand Protection Professional online magazine just launched its 23rd edition.  The Center runs in person and online events and has worked with over 500 brand protection stakeholder companies.