Brand Protection Stories Podcast

April 3

Music, True Crime and Brand Protection

Singer, piano player, small town cop and firefighter, field training officer, investigator, state special agent and ultimately a brand protection professional, Jason Daniels takes us through how he discovered intellectual property crimes and how it came to be a career in which he has flourished. In this episode Jason walks through an IP case involving core detective work, with a little performance, and sprinkles some of his southern storytelling to provide valuable education on brand protection.

Jason Daniels

Jason Daniels is the US Investigation Team Manager at Corsearch.  He has been recognized as a subject matter expert in the field of brand protection. With over 20 years of intellectual property theft investigations, he has worked with global law enforcement and private industry professionals, focusing efforts on combating the manufacture and distribution of illicit products. Jason began his career as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina and was introduced to the world of counterfeiting while conducting investigations at the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office. He successfully created the first state anti-counterfeiting task force which continues to be in existence today. He later went on to manage brand protection investigations for several global companies and has been published on several occasions, writing articles pertaining to the dangers of counterfeit goods. Jason has also written curriculum and trained law enforcement and customs agencies around the world. He is a graduate of Shaw University where he studied criminal justice and continued his graduate studies in justice administration at the University of Louisville. In addition he has attended several courses by Michigan State University’s Center for Anti-Counterfeiting & Product Protection and received a professional certificate in performance leadership from Cornell University. He continues to be an industry leader as he lends his voice to brand protection programs seeking assistance.