Brand Protection Stories Podcast

February 6

Counterfeit Auto Parts

Jason Kosofsky has spent most of his professional career in the auto industry, serving as a lead investigator in many precedent setting cases. In the telling of his stories, we’re reminded that every component on a car has a safety purpose making even the seemingly innocuous part capable of harm – even hub caps. Take a ride to hear about counterfeiters supplying their fake parts to NYC taxi and limousine services, and how Jason and others in the collaborative brand protection community, work to keep automobiles a safe mode of our daily transportation. 

Jason Kosofsky

Jason Kosofsky is the founder of Fortitude Consultant. He was previously with Ford Motor Company where he served as a senior global brand protection investigator. Jason has over 21 years of experience in combating automotive counterfeiting and intellectual property violations in cases involving copyright, design patent, trademark, parallel import, and trade secrets. 
During his career, Jason has also developed key collaborations with organizations involved in the areas of global security, cyber security,  research & development, packaging engineering, licensing and with the office of general counsel, and has developed longstanding relationships with external law enforcement partners. 
Jason was a founding member of the Automotive Anti-Counterfeiting Council or A2C2 formed in 2015, served on its board and also as its president. A2C2 is a collaboration among automakers and their partners that strives to eliminate counterfeit automotive components that could harm U.S. consumers.
Jason holds a bachelor’s in business administration from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan.