Brand Protection Stories Podcast

October 3, 2022

Counterfeit Protective Eyewear

Denise Mosteller and Jeremiah Pastrick take us through the process of gathering the “right” evidence, determining the “right” opportunity, and working with existing laws to put together a formidable case dossier against a counterfeiter of ballistic eyewear. Such a case requires the enlistment and support of the brand, state prosecutors and law enforcement (in multiple states). Listen, and be in the tradeshow booth when the counterfeiter is very publicly arrested and put into handcuffs.

Denise Mosteller

Denise Mosteller, Partner at Howell & Associates, has over 25 years of investigation, brand management, and intellectual property experience. Ms. Mosteller holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, an Area Certificate in Public Affairs, and a Minor in Psychology from Indiana University.  Ms. Mosteller started her career as a licensed private investigator.  Over the years, Ms. Mosteller took every opportunity to learn about intellectual property protection and ways to combat counterfeiting issues that often-included thinking outside the box.

Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Mosteller has participated in countless criminal and civil investigations and enforcement actions involving everything from individual online sellers to global Chinese manufacturers.  She’s done her fair share of dumpster diving, getting people to talk even when they shouldn’t, purchasing products she never thought she’d buy and testifying as an expert witness.  These cases have given her the opportunity to work with both state and federal law enforcement agencies to facilitate the arrest of numerous counterfeiters.  Her clients have included brands in the following industries: medical devices, health and beauty, food, alcohol, tobacco, academic institutions, firearms, footwear, and eyewear.   
In her current role, Ms. Mosteller has established policies and procedures to vet and scrutinize resellers and distributors at all levels of the supply chain.  Ms. Mosteller is also responsible for policy enforcement – identifying, investigating, and resolving appearances of gray market goods as well as unauthorized/counterfeit products on all major eCommerce marketplaces, with a particular focus on Amazon enforcement and remediation.  Having experience from all facets of brand protection – software, service provider, consultant and from a brand’s perspective, Ms. Mosteller has the unique ability to see how all the pieces work together to find the best strategy and solution for her clients.  

As a result of her extensive experience, Ms. Mosteller has had the opportunity to speak at many anti-counterfeiting and brand protection conferences across the U.S. and Canada and enjoys giving investigation tips to help brands find those online sellers.

Jeremiah Pastrick

Jeremiah Pastrick has spent almost 20 years in both private practice and in-house legal settings. He began his career focused on global intellectual property development and protection. His clients spanned a broad range of industries including automotive, heavy machinery, food/beverage/alcohol, medical devices, sporting goods, firearms and fashion. His work focused on developing and executing creative anti-counterfeiting programs, online brand enforcement, litigation, licensing and IP portfolio development and management throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Southeast Asia. 

The legal and creative skillset that Jeremiah developed in private practice led to a role as General Counsel and Vice President of Corporate Development for a privately-held healthcare organization headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.  In that role Jeremiah managed all day-to-day legal aspects of the business and served on the business’s executive team through a time of ownership transition and significant operational overhaul. Beyond his legal duties for the business, Jeremiah’s responsibilities as Vice President of Corporate Development included partnership development and execution, guiding a corporate rebrand and leading the business’s sales and marketing strategy.  Additionally, during his time, Jeremiah served as the “Integrator” for the business as it adopted and implemented the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS.

Currently,  Jeremiah provides strategic counsel to entrepreneurs from pre-launch business formation through start-up, scale-up and compounding growth phases of their businesses serving as a General Counsel for hire law firm practice

Jeremiah received a Bachelor of Science in Public Management from Indiana University and his JD from Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.