Brand Protection Stories Podcast

September 5, 2022

Open Source Online Investigations

Josh Hopping introduces us to the world of open-source online investigations or OSINT. Though the information used to piece together a case may be publicly available, it still has to be found, deciphered and many times combined with on-the-ground investigations to bring a successful case against counterfeiters. Find out how the cases (stories) come together from a technology patent holder and published author in the brand protection space.  

Josh Hopping

Josh Hopping is currently Global Director of Customer Success, Regulatory, at Corsearch. Prior to this role, he was the Head of Investigations Services at Incopro. With over eighteen years of experience helping companies protect their intellectual property online, Joshua is an expert in dealing with trademark, copyright, and patent abuse. He is also an Associate Member of the World Association of Detectives and a Professional Certified Investigator by ASIS International specializing in open-source intelligence or (OSINT) analysis aimed at providing clients with actionable intelligence used to dismantle and disrupt counterfeit or otherwise abusive networks. Joshua is the co-creator of a patented brand abuse monitoring system with a  infringement detection engine and graphical user interface –  you can look it up on the USPTO register under #11328307. 

Between 2018-2021 Joshua served on the Board of Directors of the Idaho chapter of InfraGard, a partnership between the FBI and members of the critical infrastructure private sector. He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Project Impact STEM Academy, a tuition-free public charter school in Idaho, along with a position on the International Trademark Association’s  Indigenous Rights Committee. This latter role connects Joshua’s professional experience with his Indigenous heritage as a Cherokee Nation tribal citizen. Joshua is a published author whose third book, Online Brand Protection: Proven Strategies for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in a Constantly Changing Digital Age, was recently released. He holds an Associate of Science in Design Technology Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from LeTourneau University University  in Longview, Texas,  along with a Master of Arts in Theology and Culture from St. Stephen University in New Brunswick, Canada.