Beyond Online Counterfeit Takedowns
Proactive Engagement of Social Media Users Through Consumer Psychology
September 23, 2019
1pm - 5pm
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Social media have become ubiquitous tools used by brands through their marketers, advertisers, and others in companies to communicate directly with consumers and build lasting relationships. These digital and social media tools are also important avenues for companies to educate consumers when it comes to brand protection and anti-counterfeiting awareness and practices, but are not often used.


What the Executive Education Training is About


This seminar provides brand protection and consumer education professionals with the tools necessary to communicate with consumers and other businesses via social media. The pre-conference will primarily focus on

  • Uses & Effect: providing an overview of social media uses and effects,

  • Leveraging for Brand Protection: the ways social media can be leveraged for consumer and brand protection purposes, and

  • Metrics for More Effective Communication: the different metrics available to track communication effectiveness and develop insights to better communicate directly with consumers.


Structure of Session & Outcomes


The seminar will entail 3 sessions, each led  by a professional/scholar, followed by an interactive workshop that will apply the knowledge gained from the talk to each participant’s own work context.


Session 1: Overview of Social Media: What eWOM and Social Media Engagement Mean for Brand Protection

Interactive Workshop 1: Identifying Current and Desired Channels of Engagement


Session 2: Developing Social Media Strategy: Capitalizing on the Power of  Content, Users, and Algorithms

Interactive Workshop 2: Setting Goals & Developing Strategies


Session 3: Measuring Social Media Effectiveness: How to Leverage Owned, Earned, and Paid Metrics to Building Engagement

Interactive Workshop 3: Setting KPIs In-line of Goals & Objectives


The anticipated outcomes are:

  • Develop a better understanding of the digital and social media environment and their powerful impact on people’s lives as well as brand communications;

  • Develop skills for integrating digital and social media into brand protection and consumer education programs; and,

  • Examine the breadth and depth of digital analytics as they pertain to measuring communication effectiveness as well as developing insights about consumers.



Who is Leading the Training


The pre-conference Executive education training will capitalize on the expertise of A-CAPP Center partners who are media and advertising professionals and scholars at Michigan State University.

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Associate Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations
Co-Director Media and Advertising Psychology (MAP) Lab
Michigan State University
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Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations
Michigan State University
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Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising and Public Relations
Michigan State University