Matthew Ronald Maher Scholarship Recipients

2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients

Tyler Armstrong

2L, Intellectual Property
College of Law

Lucy Ching

Criminal Justice

Tori Curtis

Supply Chain Management

Research Projects

  • Partner with MSU University Licensing to create an MSU-specific resource page that allows people to identify the major authorized dealers of MSU merchandise.
  • Partner with the National IPR Center to create Front & Center, a outreach publication series of subject-specific articles.
  • Create a consumer-focused ad campaign that targets different demographics, expressing the dangers and misconceptions of product counterfeiting. The goal is to share with consumers the issues that mean the most to them, whether the focus be economic, social, or safety-centered.

2018-2019 Scholarship Recipient

Joseph Longo

Graduated 2020
International Relations and Chinese
James Madison College

Research Project

  • Chronicle the history of intellectual property rights in China and explore the origins and effects of collectivism in China and how that contributes to the illicit industry of product counterfeiting. Further exploration includes how the Chinese political system has created an environment that fosters the imitation of intellectual property.

2017-2018 Scholarship Recipient

Emily Osika

Graduated 2020
International Relations and Political Economy
James Madison College

Research Project

  • Explore how the global community responds to counterfeiting and how this affects the rest of the global marketplace.
  • Publish paper The Role of International Cooperation on Trademark Enforcement