Brand Protection Stories Podcast

July 3

Food Security, From Seed to Table

Illicit trade expert Andrés Diaz speaks about parallel trade schemes, black market, “adulteration” or counterfeiting, in the agricultural space  – which he believes is the least known and most difficult to measure of the categories. We learn about counterfeit pesticides and seeds and the damage they cause. Andres introduces us specifically to crimes committed in the Latin American region that include illegal labs, and insider sources with knowledge and skills that enable the production and trafficking of counterfeit products  – many of which make it into the legitimate supply chain resulting in dire consequences.

Andrés Diaz

Andrés Diaz is an international senior investigator and consultant on anti-counterfeiting, anti-illicit trade, and enterprise security risk ranagement for the Americas, managing director and founder of the company AIT Enforcement which provides intelligence, criminal investigation, legal services, advisory and consulting in anti-illicit trade across the continent. He has an exceptional track record driving investigation firms and security teams in high-risk countries to protect market shares, customers, corporate reputation, and assets from criminal activities.Before running AIT Enforcement, that despite being founded at the end of 2021 already represents several SMEs and multinational companies, in his last corporate position as head of corporate security for Latin America at Syngenta Group, one of the world’s largest crop protection & seeds corporations, Andrés led public-private collaboration to seize more than 5.000 metric tons of illegal pesticides and illegal seeds (worth in $750 million), took down 56 illegal laboratories and trained more than 6.500 law enforcement authorities to fight illicit products. He substantially enhanced the protection of Syngenta’s market share and the industry reputation across Latin America. Andrés has been a permanent collaborator of CropLife Latin America since 2013, a non-profit industry trade association consisting of six companies and a network of 26 associations in eighteen Latin American countries. Andrés built the relationship foundations, among others, between the U.S. Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) and Syngenta. He was also invited as speaker to more than 30 global and regional intellectual property and brand protection conferences.