BPP Author Tips

As a practitioner’s journal, the BPP seeks material that is relevant to the brand protection community. Many brand protection professionals have valuable information that can be shared and providing a forum to do so is our mission. The BPP provides the unique opportunity to share knowledge and experience for the benefit of the brand protection profession in one comprehensive place. The field of brand protection develops experts without their realizing it. But often having something to convey and formally conveying it are two different matters, and the latter may be challenging to the expert.

For one reason or another, e.g., brand protection is so broad or a practitioner is so overwhelmed, a potential author’s significant ideas are not voiced beyond conversation. Many people view the task of writing an article to be too intimidating or above their capabilities. Others would like to contribute but do not know where to begin or feel they may not have the time. The following information is intended to help potential authors take that first step.