THE BRAND PROTECTION PROFESSIONAL: A PRACTITIONER'S JOURNAL (BPP) is the only quarterly resource dedicated to reporting on brand protection issues, research and professional information for in-house brand protection practitioners. The BPP aims to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing the essential information for the brand protection community.

I am pleased to introduce The Brand Protection Professional (BPP), a publication that will become your go-to place for to the information you need, on the issues you are most interested, and those that are essential to your in-house practice. As a derivative of a leading university center in anti-counterfeiting and product protection, The BPP provides unique access to world-class research, education and outreach capabilities. But uniquely positioned as an industry journal, The Brand Protection Professionalis written exclusively for the in-house brand protection community.

Along with quarterly recurring columns,The BPP will include industry authored articles and academic contributions.   Examples include:

·   How to Talk to Your CFO/COO
·   Being a Good Victim:  What Law Enforcement Needs From You
·   FCPA: The Careful Walk for US Companies and Brand Protection Professionals
·   Brand Protection as a Total Business Solution
·   ROI Measurement:  Performance Management Without Qualification Through Traditional Methods

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A MSU A-CAPP Center initiative in collaboration with UL