The Brand Protection Professional: A Practitioner’s Journal  BPP is a quarterly resource dedicated to reporting on brand protection issues, research and professional information for in-house brand protection  practitioners.  The BPP aims to advance brand protection through the establishment of an accessible, comprehensive forum containing essential  information for the brand protection community.





I am pleased to introduce The Brand Protection Professional (BPP), a publication that will become your go-to place for to the information you need, on the issues you are most interested, and those that are essential to your in-house practice. As a derivative of a leading university center in anti-counterfeiting and product protection, The BPP provides unique access to world-class research, education and outreach capabilities. But uniquely positioned as an industry journal, The Brand Protection Professional is written exclusively for the in-house brand protection community.

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The 6th edition of the Brand Protection Professional includes a cover story on emerging blockchain technology and how it is being applied to authenticate wine. The A-CAPP Center Assistant Director recaps the 3rd Annual Brand Protection Strategy Summit held in October. Leading research professors share their findings on return on investment in “Applying Cost of Quality Concepts to Brand Protection”. Also read the article authored by the 2017 Brand Protection Hero.


Applying Cost of Quality Concepts to Brand Protection
- Crime Prevention and Brand Protection: A Formula for Success (E+E=Enth)
- Industry Brand Protection Groups: A Look Into the Counterfeit Furniture World
- 2017 A-CAPP Center Brand Protection Strategy Summit Recap



Brand owners, academics, law enforcement, government agents and others can contribute to the BPP in a variety of ways.

BPP polls explore key issues facing the brand protection community and allow valuable access to brand protection practitiner's opinions on those issues. All polls are anonymous. Results are shared with subscribers in Temperature Test. 

Our current poll explores emerging security technologies, such as taggant/forensic markers, blockchain, and artiticial intelligence. 

The BPPS format is collaborative; it allows you to read what you want to know about current happenings in brand protection, but also lets you write what you want those in brand protection to know more about. To learn more about contributing, see our submission guidelines and policies




A MSU A-CAPP Center initiative in collaboration with UL