Spink, J. (2012). Tamper-evident packaging in brand protection.

Tamper-evident (TE) and tamper-resistant (TR) packaging provide an opportunity for incremental actions which can provide a means to combat counterfeit products, product diversion, shoplifting, cargo theft, return and warranty fraud, and unauthorized refills. This backgrounder provides information on TE and TR packaging including their regulatory definitions, the current and likely future extent of their use, and their applications for brand protection.

Also published in Global Edge Business Review at https://globaledge.msu.edu/content/gbr/gBR6-2.pdf.

Another version of this work was published in

Spink, J. (2012, January 27). Tamper Evidence Revisited. Packaging World. https://www.packworld.com/article/tamper-evidence-revisited