A-CAPP Center

The A-CAPP Center is pursuing a comprehensive portfolio of publications through its research projects and outreach activities that are aimed at providing industry and governmental partners evidence-based lessons for preventing and responding to product counterfeiting and brand protection issues.


Integration with MSU partners, other academic partners, and industry and government professionals offers unparalleled expertise. Our publications benefit from the immediate access to a cadre of internationally recognized scholars and experts and fall into two main categories.


Online articles in magazines, industry journals, news outlets.Traditional academic journal articles, scholarly reports, books, and the Center’s own Backgrounders and Paper Series.


Online articles in magazines, industry journals, and news outlets.

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Illicit Trade in Counterfeit Products: An Examination of the Opportunity-Risk Connection

Clicking Into Harms Way: The Decision to Purchase Regulated Goods Online

The Future of Brand Protection: Responding to the Global Risk

Explaining Consumer Demand for Counterfeit Goods: Social Learning or Low Self-Control?

Illicit Market for Counterfeit Products at Small Businesses in Michigan

Partnerships are Crucial in the Battle Against Product Counterfeits

Partnerships and the Battle Against Product Counterfeits

Liabilities and Responsibilities: Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTI’s) and the Distribution of Counterfeit Goods

The Need for a Holistic Approach to Trademark Counterfeiting for the Legal Field

An Empirical Examination of Product Counterfeiting Crime Impacting the U.S. Military

Empowering Consumers As Capable Guardians to Prevent Online Product Counterfeiting Victimization in the Athletic Footwear Industry: A Routine Activity Perspective

A Total Business Approach to the Global Risk of Product Counterfeiting

Brand Owner Approaches to Assessing the Risk of Product Counterfeiting

Measuring the Unmeasurable: Approaches to Assessing the Nature and Extent of Product Counterfeiting

Counterfeit Parts in the U.S. Department of Defense Supply Chain

Virtual Communities as Guardians Against Product Counterfeiting in the Athletic Footwear Industry

Measuring Product Counterfeiting: Insights from Current Research and Practice

Proposed Solutions to the Brand Protection Challenges and Counterfeiting Risks Faced by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s)

Product Counterfeiting Legislation in the United States: A Review of Characteristics, Remedies, and Penalties

Investigating Consumer Demand for Counterfeit Goods: Examining the Ability of Social Learning and Low Self-Control to Explain Volitional Purchase of Non-deceptive Counterfeit Products in an Eastern European College Sample