Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection Criminology

The Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) offers this graduate certificate program through the School of Criminal Justice.

To obtain the certificate, you must successfully complete 1 required course and 3 elective courses, which provide a holistic overview of the product counterfeit risk. The program includes content focusing on criminology theory and international crime.

While the course work is grounded in core academic principles, the content is pragmatic and applicable to brand protection managers making day-to-day decisions. Many courses were developed at the request of industry and co-developed with business managers paired with academics. Participants who successfully complete the course work will be well positioned to provide strategic anti-counterfeiting and product protection strategies for industry and agencies.

CJ 809: Understanding Product Counterfeiting

 CJ 491 Introduction to Product Counterfeiting
 CJ 801 Crime Causation, Prevention and Control
 CJ 823 Globalization of Crime
 VM 821 Food Protection and Defense
 HM 833 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting and Public Health
 CJ 846 Corporate Environmental Crime and Risk

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