USPTO Forum on Brand Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies

This free event hosted by USPTO will facilitate discussions on fighting counterfeits in a global market, utilizing new technologies to protect brands, enlisting allies in the fight against counterfeiting, consumer protection and counterfeits, and what government can do to help. You can attend in-person or view the webcast livestream.

A-CAPP Center Director, Jeff Rojek, will be speaking in the session Enlisting Allies in the Fight Against Counterfeits with Travis D. Johnson, Vice President – Legislative Affairs, Senior Counsel, International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, Bruce Foucart, Deputy Director, BASCAP, Bonnie Niederstrasser, Director, Policy and Programs, Trustworthy Accountability Group, Inc. The session is moderated by William T. Gallagher, Professor of Law and Director, IP Law Center, Golden Gate University School of Law.

Alexandria, Virginia
June 6, 2019
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INTERPOL International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference

Capetown, South Africa
October 22-23, 2019