The Center’s Applied Brand Protection Training Program is currently offered 100% online through self-guided courses or instructor-led courses.


The trainings will present information in a way that assumes participants have already developed a basic foundation in the topical area, which will allow for in-depth coverage of each of the topics. Utilizing a case study format, participants can readily apply lessons to real world counterfeiting/brand protection issues and will develop an advanced level of knowledge of product counterfeiting and brand protection topics.


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Team Composition, Organization, Leadership, Success and Failure

This training will help you develop a greater depth of understanding of how to build and sustain a productive brand protection team. Participants will learn to identify and describe key elements of successful brand protection teams, describe how research on team and work groups relates to development, growth and sustainability of brand protection teams and apply research in this area to important brand protection issues.
Self-guided course: $350
Instructor-led course (January 20 – February 2, 2019): $375

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Team Composition, Organization, Leadership, Success and Failure

This training will help you understand the role of service-based teams in brand protection and address how to overcome barriers that arise for brand protection teams, and how to deal with successes.
Instructor-led course (February 17 – March 2, 2019):  $375

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Proactive Measures

Understand what it means to be a guardian of your supply chain to protect against counterfeit products, including identifying and engaging strategic partners.
Self-guided: $350
Instructor-led (March 17 – March 30, 2019):  $375
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Situationally Relevant Responses

Learn about a contract of expectations for supply chain relations and how to develop situationally relevant responses to supply chain concerns about counterfeit products.
Self-guided: $350
Instructor-led (April 14 – April 27, 2019): $375
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Risk Assessment Strategy for Counterfeit Products

This training will cover how to build an effective risk assessment process that identifies routine business decisions that make a brand vulnerable to product counterfeiting.
Self-guided: $350
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Noel Belton John Carriero James Summers
"I learned so much new material and reinforced so much of what I already knew or even suspected intuitively and it was totally worth the effort. The discussion board was excellent and being able to relate my background(s) to the discussions was also very validating for me as far as building my own confidence that I can do this."
Noel Belton
Pusheen Corporation
"It was helpful to hear of the challenges other brand protection professionals were facing. It was also very helpful to have the weekly calls facilitated by Jay- he engaged each of us on the call and was a great facilitator/mediator for the discussions. Another value for me was the academic research behind the process of building successful teams. This helped validate many of our strategies and processes. I appreciate the time and attention that Jay and his team put into the content, organization, and presentation of this course."
John Carriero
Under Armour, Inc.
"The content will be applied across all of the various teams that I am on and/or lead, such as Global Security, Crisis Management, and Supply Chain Leadership Council. The content helped me better understand opportunities for growth of our brand protection team and how I can influence our brand protection leadership and improve interaction with internal and external partners."
James Summers
Kellogg Company