Training and Awareness

The following videos were taken from the Michigan State University's  Institute for Public Policy and Social Research's (IPPSR) January Forum "Responding to Michigan's Market for Product Counterfeiting". The videos were produced by DSE-TV.
Introduction (7:51). Ann Marie Schneider welcomes participants to the forum, introduces participants to the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection (A-CAPP) and the expert speakers for the "Product Counterfeiting: Bad for the Economy, Bad for Michigan" discussions.
Dr. Jeremy Wilson briefs participants on what product counterfeiting is, how trademarks are infringed on, gives examples of products that are counterfeited and explains the nature of counterfeiting. He discusses the importance of addressing the issue and how A-CAPP plays a role (8:05).
Dr. John Spink provides an overview to product counterfeiting, explaining definitions, scale, scope and nature of the crime. He also provides examples of products and past cases and what resources are available to report suspected counterfeiting. Lastly, he explains the results of research that was conducted with support from IPPSR, titled "Product Counterfeiting in Michigan and the Expectations and Priorities for State and Local Law Enforcement" (9:42).
Dr. Justin Heinonen provides context on product counterfeiting and discusses the results of the research titled "Product Counterfeiting in Michigan: Articulating and Mitigating the Risks". He presents findings from specific product counterfeiting cases in Michigan that show a link with terrorism and to the auto industry. He explains what was learned about the nature of the incidents and actors and details the risk to Michigan residents based on type of product counterfeited. Lastly, Dr. Heinonen discusses policy lessons for Michigan policy-makers to help combat product counterfeiting (17:06).
Derryk Burgess provides an overview to the IPR center, its different divisions and their role in combating product counterfeiting. He explains the focus of the Michigan offices, specific cases and what is needed to help combat counterfeiting in terms of education/awareness and resources (16:20).  
Question and Answer session (32:09). The presenters answer questions from the forum participants.


Anti-Counterfeiting Devices (5:50). NBC Learn Science "Science of Innovation-Anti Counterfeiting Devices" discusses the Center for Anti-Counterfeiting and Product Protection and the science behind their research with the College of Engineering. "Science of Innovation" is an 11-part series produced by NBC in collaboration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). 




The following videos were produced by A-CAPP in conjunction with the Michigan State Police with support from the U.S Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. We encourage individuals and organizations to view and use the videos to raise awareness about product counterfeiting.


Overview to Product Counterfeiting (10:44). Experts from academia, industry, law enforcement  and government agencies provide a brief overview of product counterfeiting. The experts discuss what counterfeiting is, what can be counterfeited, characteristics of counterfeiters, the dangers of counterfeiting and how to combat counterfeiting, including what the general public can do.


The following are continued discussions from the video "Overview to Product Counterfeiting" by specific topic. These short video snippets are designed to be more easily incorporated into various training/awareness initiatives.


Law Enforcement Awareness (:24). Discussion of the importance of law enforcement awareness to product counterfeiting.




Definitions and Risks (1:58). Defines product counterfeiting and the various risks associated with it.




Types of Fraud (2:24). Discussion of the types of counterfeiters and counterfeit products.




Industry Actions (1:31). Discussion of the anti-counterfeit strategy in industry.





Agency Actions (1:48). Discussion of the anti-counterfeit strategy in agencies.





Call to Action (1:38). Discussion of the resources available to combat product counterfeiting.





Understanding the Roles of International Organized Crime and Terrorist Groups in Product Counterfeiting (1:59).
by Jeremy Wilson, Ph.D., featured on C-SPAN during the US Intellectual Property Rights Center (ICE/CBP) conference on Intellectual Property Theft and International Organized Crime, June 30, 2010

The A-CAPP Launch
by Jeremy Wilson, Ph.D., Director of the A-CAPP and John Spink, Ph.D., Associate Director of the A-CAPP, February 2, 2010