Industry & Academic Fellows



Ron Davis

Ron Davis recently retired from Qualcomm as the Senior Director of Brand Protection. Recruited in 2005 to establish their Brand Protection Program, Ron was responsible for management of their global brand protection/intellectual property rights investigation and forensic evaluations. In this role, he traveled to China and Asia multiple times each year and worked closely with the Chinese citizens that composed his brand protection team there, as well as the Quality Brands Protection Committee (QBPC) in China .  Prior experience includes United States Marine Corps combat helicopter pilot, FBI Special Agent; big-four international security consultant; security director for General Dynamics Space Systems; volunteer security director for Dennis Conner’s successful America’s Cup campaign; global director, corporate security for Honeywell; and anti-counterfeit leader for Cisco Systems, living in Hong Kong, where he created and managed their program to complement ongoing IPR and gray market efforts.  He continued his long involvement in the industry as the only U.S. based Vice Chairman of the 215+ corporate member QBPC. Upon announcing retirement Ron was elected as QBPC’s Vice Chairman Emeritus and “Goodwill Ambassador” to the United States.  He has been designated a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).  He is also a long term member of the Board of Directors, not-for-profit, Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC). Mr. Davis was selected in May, 2011 as a member of the A-CAPP Industry Advisory Board and served a term as President. Given his unique experience, Ron is recognized as one of the most experienced professionals in the brand protection space and brings a valuable perspective from having lived/worked in Hong Kong/China/Asia.  Ron is currently collaborating with the A-CAPP Center as an Industry Fellow and pursuing opportunities to share his unique knowledge with other brand protection professionals. 

Mike DeStefano

Mike DeStefano is a seasoned brand protection professional with over 20 years experience in various roles at DuPont, including Project Director for the Corporate Remediation Group, Supply Chain Manager and Top Line Growth Black Belt, moving from the Chemicals Solutions Business to the Corporate Brand Protection Group in early 2012. In his most recent role, he  led the DuPont's Corporate Global Anti-Counterfeit Network and was responsible for assessing brands and businesses of the DuPont Brands for a proactive approach to combating counterfeiting. Mike served on the A-CAPP Center Industry Advisory Board from 2013 to 2016 and currently collaborates with the Center as an Industry Fellow.  






Leah Evert-Burks

Leah Evert-Burks is an Industry Fellow with A-CAPP and the Managing Editor of "The Brand Protection Professional", the first publication dedicated to brand protection with articles and features written for and by practitioners and industry experts.  Leah previously served on the A-CAPP Center Industry Advisory Board. In addition to her work with A-CAPP, she is a Brand Protection Consultant for leading footwear and apparel brands.  In the Spring of 2015, Leah retired as Director of Brand Protection for Deckers Outdoor Corporation, a US footwear company that builds niche brands into global market leaders, including the UGG® brand. In her role at Deckers, Leah directed all Anti-Counterfeit programs worldwide for the Deckers’ family of brands and managed litigation against patent infringers.  Deckers has been a trail blazer in counterfeit website litigation and in consumer education. Leah began her legal career in 1984 working as a Paralegal for the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington D.C. Since that time she has worked primarily in-house for various corporations for most of her career.  Leah served as the 2014 Co-Chair for the American Apparel and Footwear Association’s Brand Protection Council.  She also served as a member of the International Anti-Counterfeit Coalition and its Subcommittee on Counterfeit Website Legislation and the Payment Provider Initiative;  and was the Co-Chair of the IACC conference in fall of 2012.   As an industry member of an FBI-led Working Group relating to IP Cyber-crimes, Leah helped write and develop a set of PSAs on IP-Cybercrimes and counterfeiting which were awarded an Emmy® in 2014.  Leah has been interviewed on the subject of counterfeiting by numerous media franchises including Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, ABA Journal Magazine among other publications and is a frequent speaker on the issue.  Leah received a BA in History from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.



Law Enforcement Fellows

Michael Ellis

Michael is widely recognized as an expert on international illicit trade. He has written and presented extensively on the subject and now acts as an International Advisor on Illicit Trade, where he helps initiatives to raise awareness to the influences brought by the involvement of organized crime. With a focus on training and capacity building, he is the Chairman of the International IP Crime Investigators College, a learning platform that provides blended learning to over 12,000 students globally. With over 40 years experience in enforcement, and coming from an operational policing background, he was a detective and served with the Metropolitan Police fighting against serious international and organized crime for 20 years, and has since been engaged in illicit trade enforcement, capacity building and training efforts. He is the former Assistant Director of Police Services at INTERPOL.  He was also the Head of the INTERPOL Traffic in Illicit Goods and Counterfeit program.  During this time his core responsibilities were to manage and coordinate INTERPOL’s global strategy to fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting infringement, and was leading the police organizations international efforts in this area. Michael has a Master’s degree in Social Science, where he specifically researched the extensive links between organized crime illicit trade and counterfeiting.


Bruce Foucart

Bruce Foucart recently retired as the Director of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center, Homeland Security Investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In April of 2015, Bruce M. Foucart was assigned to serve as the Director of the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination (IPRC) Center located in Arlington, VA.  The IPRC Center brings together 23 partner agencies, consisting of 19 key federal agencies and four international partners, in a task-force setting to effectively leverage the resources, expertise, and authorities of each partner agency and private industry to provide a comprehensive response to intellectual property theft. The IPRC Center places specific emphasis in ensuring national security by protecting the health and safety of the U.S. public, protecting the war fighters, and securing the federal supply chain. From 2006 through 2015, Mr. Foucart served as the Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Office, Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations.  As the Special Agent in Charge, Boston, his area of responsibility included the oversight of ICE criminal investigations within all of the New England States, including the U.S. Districts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.  He was responsible for managing approximately 250 employees, including 200 special agents. From May 2004 until December 2005, Mr. Foucart was the Unit Chief of the Undercover Operations Unit at ICE Headquarters in Washington, D.C.  As the Unit Chief for Undercover Operations, Mr. Foucart was responsible for the oversight of approximately 48 national certified undercover operations.  Additionally, Mr. Foucart was responsible for undercover identification and backstopping, undercover training, policy and procedure, field reviews, Undercover Review Committee certification and the National Certified Undercover Fundamental Financial System (CUFFs) records.  From 2001 to 2003, Mr. Foucart served as the national program manager for US Customs Undercover Operations field reviews.  As the national program manager, he was responsible for the oversight and coordination of conducting onsite field reviews and audits for all US Customs certified undercover operations. From 1998 through February 2001, Mr. Foucart served as a senior special agent in the legacy U.S. Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  During this tenure, he was assigned to the FBI Miami Corruption Task Force for approximately 1 year.  From 1990 until 1998, Mr. Foucart was assigned as a legacy U.S. Customs agent to the San Francisco Office where he received numerous citations, including the Commissioner of Customs Unit Citation for his investigatory work. Prior to his employment with legacy U.S. Customs he was Deputy U.S. Marshal between 1985 and 1990 and served in Providence, RI and Boston, MA.  In 1987, he received the Rhode Island Federal Executive Council's Employee of the Year Award for Service in the Public Sector and a Letter of Commendation from United States Senator, the Honorable John H. Chafee from Rhode Island.  He is a graduate of Boston University where he earned Bachelor of Arts and Master of Criminal Justice Administration degrees.

Michael LeMieux

Michael LeMieux recently retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a Supervisory Special Agent and national program manager at the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPRC).  Mr. LeMieux managed FBI investigations involving theft of trade secrets; counterfeit goods that pose a threat to health and safety; and copyright and trademark infringement cases which have a national security, organized crime, or significant economic impact.  Mr. LeMieux also executed Department of Justice anti-counterfeiting initiatives that combined the efforts of brand owners, government, and intermediary platforms to address challenges in the e-commerce environment.  During his tenure at the IPRC, Mr. LeMieux also specialized in government and industry partnerships aimed at improving detection and mitigation of illicit activity in the third-party marketplace.  During his 20-year FBI career, Mr. LeMieux served in investigative, management, and instructor capacities across two FBI field divisions and both the Criminal Investigative and Training Divisions at FBI Headquarters.  He also specialized in Indian gaming as a Coordinator of the Indian Gaming Working Group; in public corruption as a key member of an investigative team that focused on allegations involving members of the U.S. Congress, senior federal executives, and lobbyists in wide-ranging federal corruption allegations; and counterterrorism as a long-time Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) Coordinator, a domestic terrorism subject matter expert, and Supervisory Instructor at the FBI Academy.  Prior to his FBI career, Mr. LeMieux served as a federal law enforcement officer with the U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, on Indian reservations in California and Idaho.  Mr. LeMieux currently serves as a consultant in the Washington, D.C. area.