Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection
Professional Certificate

Certificate Overview
The Center employs an evidence-based approach in its Professional Certificate in Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection. This program is comprised of 17 courses that can be taken individually to best fit your schedule. The courses are self-guided and self-paced, 100% online and will relate to one of the following topics:
Product Counterfeiting
Enforcement Activities
Secure Supply Chain Management
Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies
Communication and Education
Risk Management

For more information, see our certificate flyer or contact Kari Kammel at kkammel [at] msu.edu

Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection Criminology
Graduate Certificate

Certificate Overview

The certificate is an interdisciplinary program to assist working professionals and graduate students who are seeking a well-rounded foundation in anti-counterfeit strategy and product protection. The topics expand from intellectual property infringement counterfeiting to focus on the underlying criminology theories, but also cover the broad product protection field including diversion, tamper-resistance, child-resistance, cargo theft, shoplifting, return and warranty fraud.

For more information on the certificate, see our course flier or click here.